As much curb appeal as our new house has, it is surprising how lacking in detail the inside is. Once you step inside and come up the unique stairs to the main floor, (actually the only floor), you have left the interest behind. 
Front porch

Front door

Entry from the living room


Looking into the living  and dining room from the entry stairs.
The above photos are ones I took in my original walk through with the previous owners staging pieces. Not my style at all. One thing this house did not have, that the original one (read about the original contract HERE) did, was a fireplace. I have always wanted a fireplace, mainly for decorating. 
Perfect place for a fireplace?
Step one was acquiring a mantel to make a faux fireplace.
Dining room after we moved in.
NOT TRUE! Step one was to customize the paint! Most of the house had been painted a neutral tan which was great for showing, but not for living. One thing I had noticed when viewing the home, is that it was dark. I immediately bought some lighter paint and got the living/dining/entry painted Butter Yellow. I had already bought a rug from Joss and Main to define the dining room and then I propped up my new antique mantel. Next I 
had plans to make shelves on each side of the fireplace in a "built-ins" style. 
Half a table
I took a small table and cut it in half so that I'd have matching tables for each side. I then added legs to the back of each side so it didn't look exactly like what it was...a half a table. I also added some trim  pieces. I then set narrow shelves on top of each table.
Half a table with shelf on top
Adding some new trim to the shelves, tables and mantel and then a little paint gives the look I am going for.

Painted to match mantel
Of course, things are always getting tweaked. But now, its close to my vision.
Fireplace mantel and shelves
I have tried several different things in the spot where the fire would be if it was not a faux fireplace. The yellow wall looked strange, so I painted it darker. 

It helped but it wasn't right yet. My husband had some of the faux brick paneling, so I pieced some of that together, white washed it and installed it. 
reused brick paneling

The heat/ac vent placement made several choices for me. I first wanted to use a giant mirror in this spot to reflect more light. I even brought it in and tried it for fit before I realized that I was blocking the vent. So it went back out. 
Pieced together
Christmas 2015
The vent also made it so that I could not center the mantel on the wall. It doesn't bother me that everything is slightly off center. Afterall, I am adding character, right? 

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