You can do it!

It not all about some huge undertaking. Sometimes all we need is a quick fresher-upper! To see your space with a new eye and make you love it again sometimes only takes a very small change.

I have been following the 31 day Love Your Home Challenge on Instagram which is spearheaded by The Inspired Room. (Follow me on Instagram at @gwingal) All you have to do to participate is take pictures when you have done a challenge and post it on Instagram using the #loveyourhomechallenge. I can spend hours looking at all the posts from these challenges and its a great place to pick up ideas for your own home.
Day 1 Make a love your home gratitude journal.

It has been fun and easy and inspiring. And I am even getting a few things done around here!
Day 2 Before and After
Its ok if you have to ad lib as I did on day 2 which was clean out and organize that "drawer". You know the one... The catch-all... Usually in your kitchen. Mine is small and wasn't that bad so I decided I'd rather tackle the magazine holder that was spilling all over the living room floor. I threw away 20 or so magazines and old catalogs!

Clutter spot Before and After
Mail and Paperwork tend to stack up on my sofa. Day 3's challenge was to clean up that known clutter spot that we all have. 

But its not all about cleaning thank goodness! Day 6 Embrace Memories. Gather your memories and display them! I have mine scattered all around the house. I love seeing them and reminiscing.  
The top photo is a replica of my father-in-law's truck, which is holding his belt buckle, his work id badge and his safety glasses. Below that on the left, are some dried roses from Mr. Menace and a singing Dean Martin that I gave him one Christmas long ago. On the bottom right are my uncle's flight manual, pilot log, and learn to fly manual. You can also see a bit of his award for "Soldier of the Cycle."
Wedding memories, date memories, beach memories. I love being surrounded by memories. 

Day 11 Organic Challenge - Bring in some flowering branches or plant some seeds inside or find some rocks to use inside! I am a gardener so this was a fun way to bring the outdoors in. I bought some seeds but I planted them in my flowerbed. For the inside, I cut a few camellias, some eucalyptus, and forsythia.  Your home looks like you have a professional decorator when you have fresh flowers.

Day 14 -Welcome Home "Today let's make our front door and porch area more welcoming! Grab a wet cloth and clean up the door and door knob. Sweep the stoop or porch. Now add something springy, like a wreath, pot of flowers or an easy-to-make spring banner or pendant to welcome you home! 🌷"

This has been my favorite challenge so far. It was so easy, so quick, and so impactful! I swept the porch, threw away last years dead plants. And put something new-ish on the front door. I already had the metal basket, so I just bought some daisies from the dollar store to put in it and hung it on the door. That's all it took to make me proud and excited about my home again.

Look at these gorgeous pillows I saw at Walmart the other day. Oh my how these would really spice up a patio or porch! I am just dying to get me some. But I think I will wait until after the heavy pollen is through falling. ha!

As we are nearing the end of the 31 day challenges, I am looking forward to this one coming up this week:

Day 28 - Your Color Personality: What are your favorite colors? Today, consider how could you incorporate more of the colors you love into your decorating. Could you paint a dresser, add new throw pillows, or start a collection of dessert dishes in your favorite hue? Being surrounded by colors you love can improve your mood and even change the way you feel in your home!

I thinking maybe a new throw in the living room. Or new pot holders in the kitchen! I have also been considering buying new towels for the guest bathroom for quite a while now, so maybe this is the time to do that!

*Walmart is in no way affiliated with this blog. I just saw those pillows and had to share!