From Ugly Metal Utility Shed

Where do you get such a cute little shed like this one? 

First you find a pile of fence boards which have been put out by the side of the road for the trash, load them up, (after asking permission of course), and take them home.

Then you talk your own handy dandy Mr. Menace into using the old fence boards to side an old beat up 10' x 10' metal utility building that you already own and had considered burning or giving away. 

Then you will need to locate some cool antique transom windows that will open for ventilation. We found these at the local salvage place.

Mr. Menace had to cut holes in each side of the metal siding to install the windows. He then replaced the siding around the windows after getting them installed.

Next he will need to attach some scrap wood horizontally, so there will be something to nail the fence boards/new siding onto.

Mr. Menace hard at work with his favorite DeWalt tools.

Then you just let him get obsessed  complete his own vision of your original idea.

BEFORE - Interior left side

AFTER - Interior left side

BEFORE - Interior back wall (ignore the arch, thats an upcoming project!)

AFTER - Interior back wall
BEFORE - Interior right wall

AFTER - Interior right wall

Next, you will need to add a vintage wood screen door, to which you will attach an antique advertising PEPSI* push plate to protect your screen.
Also ignore the fact that there is no screen in the screen door.

say... Pepsi please

And lastly, sometimes never, you will attach your antique weathervane to the top.
Waiting not so patiently to be attached!


WA-LAH! An instant adorable antique barn!

Of course there are a gazillion couple more things to do before its T-TOTALLY finished. There are louvers which will go on the bottom of the screen door after the screen is installed. And the weathervane is to be attached to the roof. THEN, I can begin to move my gardening tools out here and also do just a ton tad of decorating.

Making Broken Beautiful

*Pepsi is in no way affiliated with this blog. It's just MY favorite drink. :)