Phlox Phlower Bed

I mentioned in an earlier post that our yard was pretty much a blank slate. There are several mature oak trees but no flower beds except for the front foundation plantings. So my first gardening goal was to plant some color.

I knew I wanted loads of creeping phlox. It is such a beautiful old fashioned southern flower. And I had seen a photo of it planted in mass and fell in LOVE!

I have always had a little bit of creeping phlox at each place I have lived, but this time I was determined to have it in mass.

So I picked out the spot where I wanted it and started digging. I wanted a spot where it could be see from above, namely, our back deck.
Photo taken from Deck stairs

I also moved my water feature to this bed. This washpot belonged to my Uncle Henry and I like to call this Uncle Henry's fish pond.
Oh my aching back

I planted a Tea Olive tree in the large end of the bed. They have such a sweet scent! There is a Rosemary and some creeping Thyme in there also.
The second year

Last year

I took these last photos of the area yesterday. I am so pleased with how its turned out. I have even added some more to the other end. 
I can't wait until my plantings block some of my neighbors line of view.

And that stack of bricks on the driveway is a DIY just waiting to happen!

It is so much prettier than these photos show. I took them with my phone which is on its last leg. I will get out my real camera next time.
Sea of Pink