Studying on Paint

Of course, painting the kitchen (read about that HERE) leads right into painting the study. The two rooms are open to each other, but are partially separated by the bar wall. 
All the paneling had been painted tan except for the spot right below the bar.
The study is a very dark room. I have future plans of removing the cabinets above the bar to open it up to the kitchen even more, which would make it less dark. But again, that is too big of a project for the money time and energy that I have at the  moment. So I continued my beautiful blue paint into the study. 
The bar wall done.

The farthest wall from the kitchen

Sometimes when painting large adjoining rooms, it can feel like paint jail.
Back doors that lead onto the deck.
 This display cabinet is a giant and it took me a while, but I finally figured out how to move it by myself (have paint, will move furniture!) to finish that last wall.
This wall is back to the living room.
Now that the walls are painted. I still wasn't happy that the working space of the kitchen had absolutely no blue! There was tan and brown tile backsplash that covered the wall from the counters up to the cabinet bottoms. And the brown cabinets had a soffit above them that went to the ceiling. Brown, brown, brown.
Hmmmmm lets see whats up here!

I had the thought that if the wall was finished behind the soffit, I could remove them and paint it blue up there! So I took a piece down. The wall was not finished. I was so disappointed I didn't even put the cover piece back. I just kept looking at it. 
2nd piece down.

Hmmmm, what if..... I took all these paneling-like pieces down, removed their braces, and then replaced them right against the unfinished wall? Wouldn't it then BE finished?? 
It should work!

Just to be sure, I asked Mr. Menace (aka Dennis) and he agreed that it was a perfectly good plan! I have to say, demolition looks like so much more fun on tv than it really is.
Just need to repair a couple of dings in the ceiling! oops...

A little spackle, some ceiling paint, some primer....
Watching paint dry...

And I am ready for some blue paint on this side of the kitchen!
Mr. Menace helping put the trim back up.
Now. It's perfect! 

Or, is it? 

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