Boxing Day

I have several Facebook friends in the UK and from them I learned of a bank holiday called Boxing Day.  It is the day after Christmas and celebrated in most countries except the United States. 

I celebrated my own personal boxing day one day last winter and thankfully it's not an annual thing. 

I have owned these wooden boxes for at least 30 years. They have been moved from house to house and used in my decor over and over. 
Top: antique fan  Middle: Uncle Davy's pilot log  Bottom: antique corbel

Top: Daddy's Big Little Books  Middle: Daddy's tractor and car  Bottom: collection of globes

Top: Dating memories  Middle: Wedding memories  Bottom: Birmingham collections

I love each and every one of them for it's unique shape or label or beautiful wood or stamp of origin. 
Detail of several boxes

I have never been satisfied with how I had been using them and displaying them in the past. I had always stacked them on the floor, or on top of a trunk. They were ok, but it just never gave them the attention they deserved. 
Who cares about blog worthy photos? 

 I decided that I wanted them on the wall to use as shelves. So I scoured Pinterest (see my wood box board by clicking here) and found ideas that I liked, and even more helpful were the ones that I didn't like. Then I pieced my design together on the floor. Like a giant puzzle.
The Puzzle

Mr. Menace (Dennis the) decided to help me hang them. I guess he didn't trust me. It sure made it easy for me though so I'm not complaining!
Mr Menace and his Drill


Then came the fun part of styling them.
Tobacco Stick on top

Love seat from Alabama Furniture Market - Link at end of blog post.

This is the end wall of our Study. You can see more of it by clicking here.

I have to wonder, do you ever really finish decorating a house? I hope not. I love this stuff. Maybe I'll get through in time to start over at the beginning. :)

Shopping Links:
Loveseat - Alabama Furniture Market
Area Rug - Lowe's

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