Take your time (Bedroom ~ Part 2)

How did I get here?

When we were last in the bedroom, we were lying on the bed, looking at the tv, but in reality, our mind was wandering to the wall color.
That wall color HAS to go!
So I set out to Lowe's for some sample paints and immediately put up several test patches on the walls. I painted in two different spots and lived with it for several weeks to see how I felt about them at all times of the day.

Two of them looked dirty and dingy white so I ruled them out right away. I then crossed my fingers, made a wish, and chose the brightest one.

I had in mind to put gold glitter in the white paint, but all I could find was silver. I love silver, so I decided to just go with it. Maybe it was meant to be! I put 2 packets of Valspar Color Flakes in silver in my gallon of paint. I love the way it looks but it is so subtle that I wish I had put 4 packs. 

The first wall is finished and I am loving the change! Look how dark the original wall is behind the bed. In my 54 years, this is the first time I have ever bought white paint for my walls. I am a color girl. But this change is GOOD!

I continued around the room wiping out the dull tan and replacing it with bright sparkly white. 

To be exact:
Valspar "Du Jour" Satin

Now that the walls are all clean and sparkly, its curtains! For the windows, that is. 

I thought I wanted white curtains. And I'm against grommets. At least for this hopefully romantic room. So I Googled and I Pinterested. And I shopped online at all the usual places. I first thought lace, but then this image caught my eye...
It's from Urban Outfitters, but I couldn't decide if the gray would work in my room. I didn't want blackout curtains either, so I started searching for yellow or white curtains with pom pom trim. Urban Outfitters came through again with white ones. It all worked out for the best when the white ones were sold out in the length I wanted. Because they had cream colored ones with multi-colored pom poms which tied right in with the colors in the new bedding. 
Pom Pom love!

Sparkle love!
I'm thinking I really need to spray paint the rods white. 

Since I had used the bedroom curtain rods in the kitchen makeover, it was time to find replacements. The mother of pearl finials on these from Allen & Roth fit in well with the design of the room. (They seem to be no longer available.)

I sold the colorful rug that I had under the bed because I was going for a softer more romantic look. When my replacement rug came I decided to open it outside because it was big and bulky. It did not come rolled up like most rugs. It was folded and in a big square box, so I needed to roll it to be able to get it placed under the bed. 

I was in shock when I actually saw it. That's the problem with online ordering. The color you get may not actually be the shade you were seeing on your computer monitor. However, I decided to try it before ruling it out. In the sunshine it was extremely bright yellow and as you know, my bedding borders on a mustard yellow, not a bright yellow. 

Once it was inside and out of the sunlight, the color was fine. I purchased it from Target.
It took me all day to get it under the bed, because I refused to actually move the bed. And I have to be honest, it is a scratchy rug. My knuckles were eat up by the time I got through. It worried me that I may not enjoy it because of that, but it is fine to walk on.

My next part of the plan was to replace the ceiling fan with a more romantic softer looking one. I found just what I was looking for online and almost bought it, when one day, I realized that I could probably just paint the one I have and save that money!
Ceiling fan blades BEFORE

Ceiling fan blade brackets BEFORE
Have I mentioned lately how much I love spray paint? Rust-oleum really should use me as their spokesperson And around here, Home Depot has the best selection of colors!
Ceiling fan blades AFTER

Ceiling fan blade brackets AFTER
My intentions were to paint the whole ceiling fan. But by this time I was tired and thought I might could get away with just this much. If I didn't like it, I could always go back and paint it.

Speaking of the ceiling fan.... have you noticed the medallion?

 The teeny tiny dirty looking off white plastic medallion?

I have to say, this picture actually makes it look pretty good!
But in reality, it is a very ugly, very plastic, very cheap looking "medallion."
Enter Ms. Glorious...

Isn't she lovely?

Oh, so lovely?

The new white blades and the gold brackets look spectacular now. I also painted that thingy that holds on the glass light shade... the thingamajig. And its just enough! I don't have to take down the whole thing and paint it! In fact, Mr. Menace said that the ceiling fan is his favorite part of the whole makeover! He has never before admitted to liking anything I've done decor-wise. LOL

So here we are. Right down to the last thing to be done in my makeover design. 
It's still in the box. Can you guess what it's going to be?

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