Cottage Style

Now that all the main living area walls are painted to reflect my style, it is time to decorate. I prefer a more cottagey look as you could probably tell from my faux fireplace installation. (read about that HERE)

I use Pinterest a lot to get ideas for everything. It is really helpful to rule out things I don't want, because I have a problem with liking everything. And being wishy washy. And not being able to make decisions. It helps me to narrow down all the available choices to what really suits ME. So I realized that I didn't want a cluttered look to my decor above my kitchen cabinets where I removed the soffits. (read about that HERE) And I also knew that I didn't want vines or greenery. 

I put some small baskets, made by my mama, up there first and stuck a few dried hydrangeas in them. Next I found a few pretty pottery pieces and grouped them up there. Then I knew I wanted something metal. So I shopped my house and eventually remembered that I had this rose iron piece outside that was just waiting for the perfect idea and this was it!

In the corner I propped up a thrift store beachy tile tray and at the end of the cabinets placed a couple of large blue glass pieces. And for the final touch, a string of white Christmas lights. I love the way it looks at night.

Next I turned my attention to the bar. The previous owners had left 2 bar stools that were very modern. They had high metal backs and I knew I wanted something that didn't obstruct the eye like those did. And then, out of the blue, Mama asked me if I had any use for Grandmama's stools. 

Spending the night at Granny and Granddaddy's are some of my best childhood memories. These stools held a lot of grandkids over the years and YES! those stools are exactly what I need!
I searched the internet for cute cushions with no luck. I did finally find a tutorial on how someone made some, so I bought some ugly ones to recover myself.

Spray paint to the rescue! You will eventually come to realize that I am the Spray Paint Queen. Rustoleum* should use me as their poster child spokesperson

As I said earlier, decision making is not my strong suit. I pulled out several fabrics trying to decide what direction I wanted to go in with the cushions. 

I cheated. I didn't actually make these. Mama and my sister came from NC to visit one Thanksgiving and Ginger made these for me after we all agreed on what fabric to use. I actually found the blue and brown fabric in my stash which matched the original cushions and she made giant ruffles and attached them to the existing cushions. They are perfect!

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Sweet Inspiration

*Rustoleum is in no way affiliated with me or this post. I just LOVE Rustoleum spray paint and use it in so many of my projects.

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