Finishing a Project

You may notice that I tend to jump around a bit. That's just how I do things. I rarely get one thing totally finished before starting another one. Sometimes its because I am just not sure how to proceed on the first project. 
Kitchen window BEFORE. So much brown....

And sometimes its because I am just so anxious to begin the new project. 
Kitchen window with wood valence removed.

I rarely get an AFTER picture of my project rooms. It could be because I am never actually through with a room. 
Kitchen window with ugly florescent light removed and new colorful curtain hung.

So. I guess you've noticed that I have not posted a full finished picture of my Study, or my Kitchen, or my living room fireplace.  (To read about those, click on the highlighted word.)
New (old) light installation.

It could also be because the room is messy never quite photo ready.  
You will learn that I have a healthy obsession with old light fixtures.

Our house was built in the 70's and I wanted a light that was period appropriate. I found this one on Ebay*.
New curtain from the thrift store.

The light fixtures in our house are ordinary, "big box store," you see them everywhere style. I want different, unique, old fashioned, no one has them anymore style.

That reflection makes me happy.

*Ebay is in no way affiliated with this blog.

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